The Original Gluggle Jug - Dark Grey
Gluggle Jug

The Original Gluggle Jug - Dark Grey

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The Original Gluggle Jug - Dark Grey

The irresistible Gluggle Jug is the perfect centrepiece for any occasion. Since first being made in the 1870s, the jug has captivated users with its happy ‘gluggling’ sound.

Gluggle jugs are fish shaped water jugs. When filled they produce an amusing ‘glug glug’ sound when poured. The ‘Gluggle Jug’ is a versatile product, which can be used as a water jug, wine carafe, vase, utensil jar or ornament – and makes an ideal gift that people will never tire of using.

Gluggle Jug makes an attractive water jug or vase filled with flowers.

Water Jug Capacity 1.3L (5-6 tumblers)

Height approx. 27cm
Weight approx. 1.4kg

Made in UK.