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David Shrigley Cocaine & Heroin Shakers


David Shrigley Cocaine & Heroin Shakers - Salt & peber sæt

David Shrigley Cocaine & Heroin Shakers. They're back! A cult classic from David Shrigley featured previously in countless publications, blogs and on the guardian, the Cocaine and Heroin Salt & Pepper shakers are a collector's item for their sculptural significance and their wonderful functionality. Their return comes with major hype on the way. We are so excited for our next dinner party. 

About The Artist
David Shrigley is a British artist who has come to prominence through his drawings, publications, and sculptural works. His drawings have a kind of throwaway beauty featuring monster children, idiots, aliens and bad parents. Full of twisted lists and exchanges, Shrigley is a TDD favourite both for his angst about modern living, his disappointments, and his cynicism.

Materials + care instructions

-Packaged in gift box 
-10cm x 6cm