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La Case de Cousin Paul "LA PETITE CASE" lyskæde / Lightchain OSCAR


La Case de Cousin Paul "LA PETITE CASE" lyskæde / Lightchain OSCAR


La Case de Cousin Paul "LA PETITE CASE" lyskæde / Lightchain.

Cable La petite case "Baby Collection" of 16 balls in polyester thread, 5.5 cm in diameter, the balls are pre-cut for easy assembly.

Transparent cable The small box of 16 LEDs: length 1.50 m from the first to the last LED plus 1.50 m from the transformer to the first LED, 10 cm between each LED.

USB transformer, double function switch: 3h timer mode and night light mode (2 light intensities: 100% and 50%).

Each LED is equipped with a small plastic skirt that perfectly holds the ball on the cable.

The assembly instructions are printed on the box.

Interior use.

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