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Magma Space Travel Dice


Magma Space Travel Dice

Genopliv historiefortællingen med disse fine illustrerede træterninger - skab de mest fantasifulde, sjove og bizarre historier. Magma Space Travel Dice terningerne er det perfekte familespil der stimulerer fantasien hos børn og voksne

Lavet af Hannah Waldron / Magma


Magma Space Travel Dice

Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny, and bizarre stories. 

Construct your own intergalactic adventure tale with flying saucers, cyborgs, mad scientists, and aliens. Form an army with your space troopers to battle giant insects, dodge black holes, and even gain superpowers like time travel and x-ray vision! By Hannah Waldron / Magma