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Nomess Gravity Rack


Nomess Gravity Rack

Nomess Gravity Rack gentænker ideen om garderoben. Garderobestangen holdes i balance af snoren der fæstnes til væggen med 2 metalbeslag.

Materiale: metal/polyester
60cm: B60 x D28 x H17,5cm
90cm: B90 x D28 x H17,5cm

Nomess Gravity Rack

Gravity rethinks the idea of a wardrobe, starting at its essential elements. In a balance of forces the bended metal tube is held in its position only by a cord string - this string is fixed to the wall by two metal hooks.

material: metal/polyester
60cm: W60 x D28 x H17,5cm 
90cm: W90 x D28 x H17,5cm
Desihn: Thomas Schnur

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