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Nuuna Yoshiwara Light Notebook


Nuuna Yoshiwara Light Notebook

Nuuna Yoshiwara Light Notebook. Cherry blossom pink on silvery canvas: cool refinement it is. The extraordinary cover material of this notebook creates exciting depth-effects that are constantly challenged by the geometric pattern of the super matte silk screen printing. To top it off: silver metallic book edges. A dainty-futuristique-subversive-chic-modern-geisha kind of look. If there is anything like an ?avantgarde? notebook, then this is it! 

Size 16,5 x 22 x 1,6cm, 176 pages, numbered

Flexcover notebook, smooth bonded artificial leather. 120g Munken paper. Silk screenprint, mirror on the edges!

Grey dot-grid.

Thread sticking, perfect lay-flat behaviour!

Made in Germany

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