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OMY Poster Paris - kæmpe plakat / giant poster


OMY Poster Paris - kæmpeplakat

Omy poster er mindre end OMY´s kæmpeposter, men med samme tema - nemlig farvelægning. Omy Poster er foldet.  Plakaten kan indrammes da målene passer standardmål.

Farvelæg alene eller med venner- på væggen eller gulvet.

mål: 70x 100cm  (foldet ud)

Produceret i Frankrig


OMY Poster Paris -  frameable giant poster

Smaller and still in the same theme, these OMY city  posters will offer as much pleasure as our giant colouring pages. 

To play alone or with friends, to be used on the floor, on the wall or as a tablecloth, this coloring poster is a real artistic space where kids can express themselves through our funny illustrations.

1 paper poster / Unfolded format : 70x 100cm 

Made in France