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Ystudio Classic Mechanical Pencil


Ystudio Classic Mechanical Pencil

Ystudio Classic Mechanical Pencil - Beautiful pencil by Ystudio. Made by local factories in Taiwan, each of the stationery from ystudio is manufactured by the scorching heat of one thousand degrees in furnace, and characterized by the masters’ hands with decades of experience. Although the stationery carried a little bit weight and some rust on it which reflects that the products are absolutely honest and durable just like the people who live in Taiwan.

The color of brass would be changed by different users and various environments yet this is also its unique feature. The oxide is harmless. It would restore its original luster by wiping with copper oil. Without any surface treatment, we hope each product can mantain its individual marks by the constant use of owner. Please experience and enjoy this one-of-the-kind beauty of brass

Material: Brass with copper.

Size: 0,95 x 14,4cm

Leads: 0,7mm



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