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Studio Macura LALA Magnetisk vase / Magnetic Vase


Studio Macura LALA Magnetisk vase 

LALA magnetisk vase fra hollandske Studio Macura. Vasen er formet omkring en lille magnet bagpå der gør at vasen kan sættes på metaloverflade som køleskabe, radiatorer eller skruer i væggen.

Størrelse: H14,5 x Ø2,3cm



Studio Macura LALA Magnetic Vase 


Studio Macura LALA - Lala is a mini glass vase for a small flower, herb twig or small object.  The unique twist of this tube like vase lies in the fact that the glass on the back has been formed around a small magnet.  This allows the vase to be magnetically attached to metal surfaces such as window frames, doors, fridges and steel screws. 

Size: H14,5 x Ø2,3cm


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