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Nuuna You Make Me Glow Notebook


Nuuna You Make Me Glow Notebook

Nuuna You Make Me Glow Notebook. Glow in the dark notebook! These are not just mere words: this notebook really glows. The text is a noctilucent silk-screen printing so that you?ll even find it in the dark. Ideal for all of those who want to take down ideas during night time. Don?t forget: you have to put the notebook in the light during daytime for the noctilucent paint to charge.

Size: 10,8 x 15 x 1,6cm, 176 pages

Flexcover notebook, smooth bonded artificial leather. 120g Munken paper. Glow in the dark print, motif on the edges!

Grey dot-grid.

Thread sticking, perfect lay-flat behaviour!

Made in Germany