Droog Wall Strap - Elastik til væggen til opbevaring
droog strap elastik opbevaring areastore.dk
droog strap elastik opbevaring areastore.dk
Droog Wall Strap
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Droog Wall Strap

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Droog Strap Wall Hung Elastic Strap - Elastik til væggen til opbevaring

Droog Strap is a product from the legendary design company Droog Design. 

Droog Strap is an elastic strap to be fixed onto the wall. A nice way of storing books, magazines, toys and other objects. 

Mounting can be done horizontally or vertically.

Material: silicone rubber, (includes wall fixture), max. stretch 90cm 
Colour: Anthracite, white, red, green, blue 
Size: 72 x 3 x 1 cm

The price is for 1 piece