365notebook A6 - Sumi - Fountain Pen
365notebook Japan

365notebook A6 - Sumi - Fountain Pen

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365notebook A6 - Sumi - Fountain Pen

365notebook A6 - Sumi - Fountain Pen

365notebook is a range of quality Japanese paper products, made by the Shinnippon Calendar Co. Japanese calendars are traditionally made from junpakushi paper - super-thin lightweight paper, so a full year's worth of sheets doesn’t take up too much space. These notebooks use the same traditional Japanese paper to make handy notebooks and notepads with far more pages than you'd expect, and with a unique feel to the paper. 380 sheets of this paper is just 18mm thick, which is less than half the thickness of a regular notebook.

The notebooks comes with checked inserts.

The junpakushi paper is super thin and translucent. it is  soft and pure white, with a unique texture.It works with pens, pencils and ball point pens, but fountain pens and gel pens, as it can soak through.

That special junpakushi paper leads to one of the big advantages of these notebooks - there are 380 sheets in this compact notebook. Most notebooks have less than half that - often closer to a quarter.

The covers are made from satogami paper, which the makers describe as "gentle to the touch and reminiscent of the warmth of nature." It certainly does have a nice feel to it, with just enough texture to make it interesting.

Size: A6 10,5 x 14,8 x 1,8cm

Made in Japan