alessi 9091 keddel kettle
alessi 9091 keddel kettle
alessi 9091 keddel kettle

Alessi 9091 Kedel / Kettle

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Alessi 9091 FM kedel

Alessi 9091 kedlen er en rigtig designklassiker. Alessi 9091 kedlen er lavet af rustfrit stål -  fløjten, der fløjter når vandet koger, er af messing og håndtaget i PA plast.
Alessi 9091 kan også bruges på induktion
Størrelse: h19cm, ø16,5cm. 200cl.
Design: Richard Sapper 

Alessi 9091 FM Kettle

Alessi 9091 Kettle ia a true design classic. Alessi 9091 is made of 18/10 stainless steel with melodic whistle in brass and PA handle, black.

The 9091 was Alessi's first designer kettle, ushering in a long and successful tradition. The central element in the design is the brass whistle which, when the steam exits, produces a short and pleasant melody. Richard Sapper wanted to avoid the usual anxiety-generating noise produced by other kettles then on the market, and by following this exquisitely poetic philosophy he produced what is probably the first multisensory object for the kitchen.

Alessi 9091 Kettle also works with induction
Size: h19cm, ø 16,5. 200cl
Design: Richard Sapper