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Architectmade Finn Juhl Circle Bowl


Architectmade Finn Juhl Circle Bowl

Finn Juhl designede Circle Bowl i 1954. Circle Bowl blev sat i produktion af Architectmade i forbindelse med 100året for møbelarkitekten Finn Juhl.

Circle Bowls proportioner er gennemtænkte og afstemte - siderne er symmetriske og præcist afbalancerede. 


Lille: ø20cm

Stor: ø30cm


Architectmade Finn Juhl Circle Bowl

For centuries people have been fascinated by the perfect shape of a circle and have used it in everything from transport to decoration. Knowing that what is symmetrical and organic is naturally pleasing to the eye, but wanting to put a spin on an otherwise traditional shape, Finn Juhl decided to build upon the basic shape of a circle to create a new and exciting form.

Like the perfect circle, the Circle Bowl encompasses precision and carefully thought out proportions in all aspects. The sides are symmetrical and precisely balanced, as they rise as much as they recede and the angles and ratios of the bowl correspond all around. The uniformity of the shape creates a striking effect for all things that are placed inside the bowl, creating an extraordinary play of reflections.

Its distinctive uniqueness is further accentuated by being set to production for the first time ever, since it has been designed in 1954. 


Small: ø20cm

Large: ø30cm