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Book Darts Sheet - bogmærker i metal / bookmarks in metal


Book Darts - bogmærker i bronze og messing

Book Darts er de fineste bogmærker i metal. Book dart er formet som en pil, så du kan sætte en så den præcist peger på en linie. Book Darts er så fine og tynde at man kan sætte mange i en bog uden at de generer.

Det perfekte bogmærke!

Ark med 15 stk, blandede metaller

Produceret i USA.


Book Darts - book marks in bronze and brass

Book Darts is the greteast small bookmark in metal. As it is shaed like a dart, you can put in in your book, pointing at a specific line. Book Darts are so thing and sleek that you can use many in a book at the same time without even noticing that they are there.

The perfect bookmark!

Sheet with 15 pcs, mixed metale.

Made in USA