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Charles & Ray Eames House of Cards


Eames Office House of Cards fra

Eames Office House of Cards er lavet af Charles og Ray Eames - House of Cards er blevet en designfavorit verden over. Hvert kort illustrerer et objekt fra dyreriget, planteriget eller mineralriget. 6 indhak i hvert kort gør det muligt at sætte kortene sammen så man kan bygge sit eget House of Cards drømmehus
3 størrelser

Small består af 54 stk. kort og måler: 
Bredde: 5,8 cm 
Højde: 8,9 cm /tykkelse: som spillekort

Medium består af 32 stk. kort og måler: 
Bredde: 11,5 cm 
Højde: 17,5 cm /tykkelse: 8-lags pap

Giant består af 20 stk. kort og måler:
Bredde: 17,8 cm
Højde: 27,9 cm /tykkelse: 8-lags pap


Eames Office House of Cards from

Famed designers Charles and Ray Eames' picture-card decks House of Cards have become universal favorites. Each card depicts a different familiar object from the animal, mineral, or vegetable kingdoms. Six slots on each card interlock for building the house of cards of your dreams.

3 sizes:

One deck of 54 playing-size cards with 6 slots, so they may be locked together. The cards are printed on one side with ''patterns'' and ''pictures'' ; on their reverse are printed a gold asterisk on a white ground.
This ''Little'' size was the original House of Cards. It consisted in 2 decks of 54 playing-size cards with six slots, two on either side and one at both ends. This item is the second deck, or ''picture deck'', consisting of images of ''good things'' gathered from many sources: ''familiar and nostalgic objects from the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms'', including toys, common household items (scissor, thimbles, twine, and buttons), coins, marbles, jewelry, and lace.

32 cards set; each card has six slots and measure 11,5 x 17,5 cm , for assembly into structures. The images are taken from the ''Original'' little deck, and the reverse side is printed with asteriks on a white ground.
This ''medium-size'' House of Cards was produced a few years later than the original. The images printed on the cards were selected from the ''pattern'' and ''picture'' decks. Printed on 8-ply cardboard

Large-scale version with 20 cards, each 17,8 x 27,9cm, made of 8-ply cardboard. Each card is printed with graphic images taken from the Arts, The Sciences, The World Around Us. Squares of brilliant colors on white fields are printed on the reverse side of each card. 
The cards of this large-scale version are larger and more rigid than the medium and little sizes. Each card is printed on one side with graphic images - drawings, photographs or historical engravings. These images have been chosen from dozens of candidates and include an architectural column, a scroll of caligraphy, a classic letter construction or a mathematical model. As the original model, has 6 slots for locking.