city cyclig guide til cykelruter i københavn
city cyclig guide til cykelruter i københavn
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City Cycling Copenhagen

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City Cycling Copenhagen

City Cycling Copenhagen guider dig rundt i byen- set fra sadlen. Tænk på guiden som din egen lokale guide.

City Cycling Copenhagen indeholder kort med cykelruter der hjælper dig sikkert fra en destination til den næste - inkl. kaffe og kagestops og alt andet du har brug for på cykelturene.

Størrelse: 17,5 x 11,5cm, 64 sider

Skrevet af Andrew Edwards og Max Leonard



City Cycling Copenhagen

The City Cycling Copenhagen guide gives you the confidence to experience the city from the saddle. Think of it like having a local cyclist to show you around.

The City Cycling Copenhagen guide provides mapping, with cycle routes marked, to help you find your way safely from one destination to the next, includes coffee and cake stops, and features everything you need to keep rolling: cycle-hire schemes, bike shops, places of interest and much more.

Half the fun of being on a bike is following your own instincts, so the guides do not set tight itineraries. Explore at a bicycle’s pace, and discover the best the city has to offer.

Size: 17,5 x 11,5cm, 64 pages

Author: Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard