Birdy Box - Zebrano
Birdy Box - Zebrano
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Birdy Box - Zebrano

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Birdy Box - Zebrano

Birdy Box:The Birdybox provides immediate relaxation at any place. The bird concert sounds for 20 seconds. We experience a moment of freshness, relaxation and serenity; the mood rises and a smile brightens our face. For a short moment it transports us into a world without stress and time pressure. We breathe deeply and come to rest, just like on a walk in the woods.

Due to the short twittering of the birds, the Birdybox is particularly versatile. No matter whether in the office next to the coffee machine, at home in the entrance area or in the bookshelf – there is room everywhere!
The Birdybox can be placed anywhere or hung on the wall. The refreshing bird song is triggered by a motion detector and disappears after 20 seconds. The volume can be adjusted according to individual needs or switched off completely. The Birdybox is charged with an environmentally friendly battery via USB cable. The battery life is approximately two months, depending on use. The box is completely biodegradable and the packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.

With the Birdybox you bring nature home to you and protect it to the same extent.

Materials: Zebrano wood

Sound: Birdsong, 6 x 20 seconds
Dimensions: 75 x 126 x 26 mm
Weight: 102 grams

USB cable included.