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Donkey My First Laptop

175,00 349,00

Donkey My First Laptop

Donkey My First Laptop - tavle i form af en bærbar computer.

Hvis dit bare går efter en karriere indenfor IT er det ikke for tidligt at starte!

Anbefales til børn over 3 år- 100% naturligt produkt. Uregelmæssigheder i materialet kan forekomme.

Materiale: træ

Størrelse: 24 x 35 x 2,5cm, inkl. kridt


Donkey My First Laptop

Donkey My First Laptop - blackboard in the shape of a laptop.

If your child looks to pursue a career in our multimedia-based world, you should introduce him or her to state-of-the-art technology as early as possible. Of course, purely ecologic!

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. 100% Natural Product. Irregularities and colour discrepancy within the material may occur naturally.

Size: 24 x 35 x 2,5cm, incl. chalk