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Glass Container High pink/blue - Sebastian Herkner


Glass Container High pink/blå- Sebastian Herkner

Dekorativ og praktisk beholder i glas- kan også bruges som vase

Materiale: håndlavet dobbelt-glas - med sølv- og farveeffekt. Hver container er unik- små luftbobler, uregelmæssigheder og variationer i farve og størrelse er alle karakteristika ved håndlavet glas, og er dermed ikke fejl.

Størrelse: ø16,4 x h 30cm

Design: Sebastian Herkner


Glass Container High Pink/blue lid- Sebastian Herkner

Decorative and practical glass container - can also be used as a vase.

Sebastian Herkner’s vases may seem unassuming at first glance. But a closer look reveals a special aspect of the hand-blown pieces. Created in the manner of Bohemian craftsmanship, a dash of liquid silver is injected into the glass under pressure. The illustrious double-walled result lends a touch of glamour to the jars, available in various colours.

All that’s missing are the flowers..

Materiale: handmade double-walled glass, tinted + silvered. Each container is unique. Small bubbles and streaks, as well as minor variations in color and size, are characteristic of handmade glass and are not flaws of design or manufacture.

Size: ø16,4 x h30cm

Design: Sebastian Herkner