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Kikkerland Tripod Magnifier


Kikkerland Tripod Magnifier- forstørrelsesglas

Kikkerland Tripod Magnifier- inspirerert af alkymistens arbejdsbord fra gamle hollandske malerier. Tripod forstørrelsesglas står af sig selv- de 5x forstørrelseseffekt tillader at man kan læse selv den mindste tekst.


Kikkerland Tripod Magnifier

Kikkerland Tripod Magnifier - Inspired by the desks of alchemists from old Dutch paintings, the tripod magnifier brings a classic touch to your own home office. The tripod design allows for hands free viewing, and the 5x magnification strength will allow you to read even the smallest text. The rounded feet allow the magnifier to slide easily over documents, and the height provides optimum magnification.