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KInto SLOW COFFEE - måleske / wooden measuring spoon


Kinto Slow Coffee - Måleske i træ

Kinto Slow Coffee - Måleske i træ. Måleskeen rummer 10g bønner. Skeen er håndlavet og olien fra kaffebønnerne vil få den til at skifte udtryk eftersom den bruges

Størrelse: B10,5 x D5,0 x H3 cm




Kinto Slow Coffee - Wooden Measuring Spoon

Kinto Slow Coffee - The wooden spoon that measures 10 g of beans in one full scoop. The handmade finish and the natural wood pattern unique to each piece are the charms of this product. From the oil on coffee beans, it gradually changes its appearance to become one of your favorite items as you use.

Size: W10,5 x D5,0 x H3 cm