Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle
Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle
Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle
Locknesters Brooklyn

Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle

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Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle

Locknester Buddy Dog Puzzle. Dog and Buddy Dog are the latest additions to the Locknester family. At ten pieces, Dog is deceptively hard to assemble, but beautifully intricate when on display. Their three pieces make for a straightforward puzzle to put together, they look fantastic as a display piece either together or as individuals.  

Dog and Buddy Dogr's polished surface offers a distinctively smooth feel and allows their pieces to slide easily together. All Locknesters are hand sanded, barrel tumbled, and top coated to create a final product that is the result of devotion to craftsmanship and quality.

Locknesters are high quality designer toys. Locknester are manufactures out of nontoxic bioplastic and no chemicals are used during the surface smoothing process. 

Locknester are produced in Brooklyn, NY, using a blend of old and new manufacturing techniques. Models are designed digitally on the computer before being 3D printed and then sanded down by hand.

Length: 16,5cm, 3 pcs puzzle