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Midori Japan Brass Ruler


Midori Japan BRASS Ruler - lineal

Midori Japan BRASS Ruler liealen er en del af japanske Midoris BRASS serien.

Midori BRASS Ruler er en fin lineal i  massiv messing med god tyngde i. Midori BRASS Ruler passer perfekt i Midori Brass Pen Case

Materiale: messing

Størrelse: 15cm

Produceret i Japan


Midori Japan BRASS Ruler

Midori Japan BRASS Ruler is a part of Japanese Midori´s BRASS series.

Midori BRASS Ruler is a stylish ruler made of heavy weight solid brass. A very luxurious desk accessory. Midori BRASS Ruler fits perfectly in Midori BRASS Pen Case.

Material: Brass

Size: 15cm

Made in Japan