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Monika Petersen Lino Print - Birch Leaf Gold/Black


Monika Petersen Linoleumstryk - Birch Leaf Guld/Sort

Smukt linoleumstryk af Monika Petersen. Trykt på 200grams black Fabriano papir - trykt i hånden i København

Signeret åben udgave. Leveres uden ramme - leveres i tube.

Alle linoleumstryk er trykt i hånden- derfor kan små variationer opstå, såsom farveintensitet.

Størrelse: 50 x 70cm

Produceret i Danmark


Monika Petersen Lino Print - Birch Leaf Gold/Black

Beautiful lino print by Monika Petersen. Printed on 200 gram black fabriano paper in the artists studio in Copenhagen.

Signed open edition. Frame not included. Packed and sent in a sturdy mailing tube.

All Lino prints are printed by hand and because of this every print will differ slightly in color density.

Size: 50 x 70cm

Printet in Denmark