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Monika Petersen Lino Print - Gingko Leaf Gold/Black


Monika Petersen Linoleumstryk - Gingko Leaf Guld/Sort

Smukt linoleumstryk af Monika Petersen. Trykt på 200grams black Fabriano papir - trykt i hånden i København

Signeret limited edition 200 stk. Leveres uden ramme.

Alle linoleumstryk er trykt i hånden- derfor kan små variationer opstå, såsom farveintensitet.

Størrelse: A3

Produceret i Danmark


Monika Petersen Lino Print - Gingko Leaf Gold/Black

Beautiful lino print by Monika Petersen. Printed on 200 gram black fabriano paper in the artists studio in Copenhagen.

Signed limited edition 200 pcs. Frame not included. 

All Lino prints are printed by hand and because of this every print will differ slightly in color density.

Size: A3

Printet in Denmark