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Nanuk Lampe / Lamp


Nanuk Lampe 

Mr. Maria Nanuk lampe. 

Størrelse: H 42 x 36 x 42cm

Materiale : polyethylen.

Lyskilde: 5W LED- lyset fremstår mere rent hvidt end på billedet. Kommer med lysdæmper


Nanuk Lamp

lt was the aurora lights of the great north-pole that created the little bright white bears. They called them Nanuk. They created these magical polar cubs to remind the world of the beauty of their snow covered homeland. So they send them on floes of ice to all the corners of the world as a gift to the people on the other side the oceans. Nanuk reflected the beauty and pureness of the white land from which they came from. The little cubs arrived on the beaches of new worlds after a long journey at sea. They were amazed by all the colours of the new lands and its animals and plants. After a lot of adventures the nanuk finally met people and they fell in love with their children. Because the children were just as sweet, playful and naughty as them. They knew now where they wanted to live and shine their light from the north; it was with the colourful children of the world.Size:

Size: H 42 x 36 x 42cm

Material: polyethylene

5W LED - the light appears more pure white than on the picture. Comes with dimmer