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Nordic Tales POET Skrivebord / Desk


Nordic Tales POET Skrivebord

Nordic Tales POET skrivebordet er mere end et skrivebord- det er ligeså meget et værktøj som computeren. POET har indbyggede hylder og en skuffe til alle småtingene. 

Materiale: Oliebehandlet egetræ - POET samles uden skruer

Størrelse: H 72 x B 136 x D55cm

Design: Martin D. Christensen


Nordic Tales POET Desk

Nordic Tales POET is the story of exclusive furniture. It is a desk whereby thoughts and creativity can unfold and generate new ideas and projects. The table is an ode to classical Scandinavian handcrafted furniture in which quality in materials and detail is highly prior- itized.

POET is more than just a desk. It is a tool equal to your computer and your coffee mug. POET, besides from the primary desktop, has two built-in shelves and a drawer where you can store your notes and pens. This way, your desk always appears tidy and clean. Legs and desktop are wedged together and so eliminates the need for superfluous materials and components.

Material: oil treated oak wood. POET desk is assembled without screws

Size: H 72 x W 136 x D 55cm

Design: Martin D. Christensen