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Passerelle 160cm - Jet Black


Passerelle 160cm Jet Black

Designet af Passerelle er baseret på glastypen som kendes fra arkitekturen. Disse glasprofiler passer i den simple metalkonstruktion.

Passerelle købes pr enhed, og kan nemt sættes ovenpå hinanden.

Passerelle gås også i gul-galvanisret metal.

NB: PRISEN ER PR ENHED 160 x H 39 x D32cm


Passerelle 160cm Jet Black

The design of Passerelle is based on the glass profiles which are known from
the architecture. These profiles are fitting
in a simple and straight metal construction. Passerelle is the name of the pedestrian bridges Venetians are using during high tide.

Passerelle is sold pr. unit, and can easily be attached onto each other.

Passerelle is also available in yellow-galvanised.

OBS: THE PRICE IS PR: UNIT 160 x H39 x D32cm