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Pina Colada Ananas lampe / pineapple lamp - White


Pina Colada Ananas lampe - hvid

Pina Colada Ananas lampe deignet af Eva Newton. Pina Colada ananaslampen viser alle de små detaljer på overfladen! 

Material: vinyl

Størrelse: 32 x 15cm

LED-pære, 150 lumen, 2,5watts

Produceret i Spanien



Pina Colada Pineapple lamp - white

 Designed by Eva Newton, the Piña Colada lamp, proudly boasts the tiny imperfect details of the pineapple, emblem of welcome and hospitality, in all its splendour. It will fit in any decor, whether minimalist or retro, at home or in a café, with its warm glowing light it will bring a splash of fresh natural beauty, a hint of kitsch nostalgia though nonetheless contemporary. In a nursery it will be an unexpected element of design, revealing nature’s beauty to the very young. 

Materials: Molded vinyl

Dimensions: 32x15cm

150 lumens, 12v 2.5watts