Robot Snowglobe - Gold
Robot Snowglobe - Gold
Robot Snowglobe - Gold

Robot Snowglobe - Gold

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Robot Snekugle - Guld 

Denne seje, smukt udførte snekugle har form af en retrorobot.
Ryst blot dens hoved, og se glimmeret hvirvle omkring dens hoved i dens astronauthjelm. 

Materiale: polyresin, glas
Størrelse: 13 7,3 x 5,5 cm 

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Robot Snowglobe - Gold

Tough, beautifully finished dream ball, in the form of a cool retro robot. Just shake it and you'll make him super happy with the whirling gold flakes in his astronaut's helmet.

Material: polyresin, glass
Size: 13 x 7,3 x 5,5 cm 

The Robot Snowglobe is also available in black!