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Sharan STD35m Pinhole Camera Kit - udsolgt/sold out


Sharan STD35 Pinhole Camera Kit

The STD-35e is the DIY pinhole camera with an innovative light-tight clamshell design. Made in Japan by Sharan, the STD-35e is a refined version of the previous STD-35. The STD-35e has fewer parts and is designed to be easier to build and use. The camera body is made of durable, black paperboard (1mm thick). The film is advanced and rewound with plastic spools. The shutter slides smoothly up and down, meaning taking photographs is simple. The STD-35e now assembles in less than 1 hour without cutting or glue. Step-by-step illustrated instructions included.

Technical specifications: Pinhole Diameter (aperture) is 0.16mm, Focal Length 20mm and f/130. Uses all types of 35mm film and produces great results. Packaged in a handsome box.

Made in Japan