Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot
Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot
Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot
Atelier Stella

Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot

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Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot

Den lille potte er perfekt som potte til mindre planter & kaktusser eller som en lille vase. 

Potten er lavet af brun stentøjsler med blå og hvid glasering. I bunden er producentens stempel. 

Størrelse: ca. H11,1 x Ø8,5 cm

Håndlavet i England ved Atelier Stella af Stella Baggot!

Small Tripod Blue Stamped Pot 

The small pot is perfect for potted succulents & cacti or as a little vase. 

Made from toasted brown stoneware clay and glazed with a shiny white and stormy blue/ grey glaze. Each pieces is hand made with hand applied stamped detail.

  •  H 11cm + W 8.5cm (Approx)

  •  No drainage holes.

  •  Signed on the bottom 

Please note the piece you are sent may not be the exact piece in the photo but will be very similar!

Handmade in England at Atelier Stella by Stella Baggot!