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Snug Studio Songbirds mobile


Snug Studio Songbirds uro


Snug Studio Songbirds mobile er en uro lavet af træ - printet med farve. Fuglene er hver 13 cm brede, og buen er 42 cm bred.

Snuf Songbirds uroen kommer fladpakket, men alle snore er monteret.

Snug Studio Songbirds mobile 

Snug Studio wooden mobile in nice colors (color printed wood) 
robin, sparrow, chaffinch .... who knows the birds? 

The birds are each 13 cm wide, the arc is 42 cm wide 
Snug Studio Songbirds mobile comes flat packed with simple assembly, all strings supplied.

SAFETY NOTE: our mobiles are for decoration only and are NOT toys. Mobiles should not be installed over a crib or within reach of children.