Sport IQ The Game
Sport IQ The Game
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Sport IQ The Game

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Sport IQ The Game

Sport IQ The Game is the perfect game for sport fans! 

The game comes with 400 multiple-choice questions, which includes stories about sport. The game is played in teams, and are fast to play and fun to score. 
The first round is about knowledge and the second round tests your memory, making the game fun and accessible - everyone can win.
You can take risks to score more points, but will you trust your team-mates? 

From badminton to volleyball to the chess world championships - with this game you will learn fascinating anecdotes and fun fact. 

Themes: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Track and Field, The olympic games, paralympics, boxing, ice hockey, motorsport, gold, cycling, cricket, chess and many more...

The goal: Teams compete against each other for the highest SportIQ.

The content: 200 cards (400 MCQs), 1 scorepad, 4 colored pencils, 1 rules booklet