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Tempo Drop Mini - The original!
Tempo Drop Mini - The original!
Tempo Drop Mini - The original!
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Tempo Drop Mini - The original!

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Tempo Drop Mini - Det originale fra Japan!

Stormglasset er en forudsiger for vejret, brugt af navigatører i det 19. århundrede. Det bestod af ethanol og kamfor indkapslet i en glasrør, og vejrskiftet blev indikeret af krystallernes forandring i glasrøret.

Stormglasset er svært at bruge som forudsiger for vejret nutildags, men det er en stor fornøjelse at se krystallerne ændres i forhold til sæsonerne.

Størrelse: ø8 x 10cm

Materiale: glas, vand, ethanol, kamfor




Tempo Drop Mini - The Original from Japan!

Stormgrass is a weather predictor used by navigators etc in the 
19th century. It was made by sealing camphor (Camphor extract) andethanol etc in a glass tube, and it was served by observing the
crystal which occurs in response to the change of climate. It is
also set up in the Nautilus coming out at Jules Verne 's novel
"20,000 Miles on the Sea."
With the subsequent development of science, in fact it has been
found that there are many mysteries about crystallization
phenomena, and details are still under study. Although it is
difficult to use it as a predictor in modern times, please enjoy
the appearance of crystal changing every day as "Tempo" so that
the scenery changes according to the season.

Material:Glass, Water, Ethanol, Camphor