The PAC light cable for Iphone - Red
The PAC light cable for Iphone - Red
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The PAC light cable for Iphone - Red

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The Pac light cable for iPhone - Red

The Pac light cable for Iphone - Red

With this luminous cable for your iPhone, the flow of energy becomes visible.

WOW effect guaranteed!  

Power Aware's The Pac cables show you the energy flowing to your iPhone or iPad. The electrical power is materialized by a beautiful light which scrolls along the cable. The flow is fast at first and slower and slower as the battery fills. When full, the cable turns off.

The absence of overcharge which results from it preserves the life of your battery ... as well as the resources of our beautiful planet!  


Strong points :

  • Lightning MFI certified (Made for iPhone)
  • Compatible with all iPhones from 5 and iPads
  • Sync & Charge: also transfers data from phone to computer
  • Length: 1m Available in 2 colors: red or blue
  • Ecological concept
  • One of the 50 best innovations in the world according to The Time Magazine