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True Grace duftlys - Green Tea & Citrus


True Grace duftlys - Green Tea & Citrus

True Grace duftlyset brænder op til 40 timer. en unik blanding af vegetabilsk voks, lavet til at brænde rent og sprede duften fint.
Alle Trye Grace duftene er narurlige, bløde og ikke for dominante. disse lys giver ikke hovedpine!
190g / 40 brændetimer

True Grace scented candles - Green Tea & Citrus

True Grace scented candle burns up to 40 hours. the fragrance is captures in the wax rather than the flame. A unique blend of vegetable wax specially formulated to burn cleanly and perfume beautifully.
All the True Grace scents are natural, soft and not too dominant. this is a candle that will not give you a headache.
190 g/40 hours