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Wallace Sewell Pinstripe Scott Throw


Wallace Sewell Pinstripe Scott Throw

Pinstripe Scott er et smukt tæppe fra bristiske Wallace Sewell,- produceret efter alle kunstens regler.

Wallace Sewell er kendt for deres brug af farver, struktur og garner. Brugen af farver er positiv og selvsikker, og væveteknikken er intelligent og udforskende.

Materiale: 100 % superblødt lammeuld

Størrelse: 115 x 195cm

Produceret i England


Wallace Sewell Pinstripe ScottThrow

Scott Pinstripe  is a stunning throw from British Wallace Sewell.

Combining innovation with practical solutions, Wallace Sewell are known for their use of colour, structure and yarn in surprising geometric formats. Inspired by paintings, they create individual contemporary fabrics with strikingly bold, asymmetric blocks and stripes of varying scales, which bring together a plethora of elements within one piece.

Material: 100 % super soft lambswool

Made in England