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Wästberg w102 Chipperfield Lamp


Wästberg w102 Chipperfield Lamp


Wästberg w102 Chipperfield Lamp. This lamp references an archetypal personal desk lamp for home or office use, and seeks to offer a fresh interpretation of the familiar on a domestic scale. The lamp is predominantly made from brass - a material commonly associated with lights, though not so widely used today. The intention was to create a simple form with a clear distinction between a base, a single arm and a lamp head. The lamp has no visible joints and minimal directional movement, without compromising its function.

Material: solid brass. The base is forged and the shade is spun. The parts are brushed and treated with a clear matt lacquer.

Lightsource: The light technology is based on an energy-efficient, high quality LED solution, which gives a warm white light. Optical lenses offer good light distribution and glare-protection.

Dimmer: The integrated dimmable LED driver is operated by a dimmer button, made of solid brass.

Smooth movement: A ball bearing construction enables smooth rotation between the upper and lower base parts.

Adjustable shade: The shade can be adjusted 140 degrees (+/-70 degrees) around its horizontal axis.
Design: David Chipperfield